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The Company was incorporated on February 2016 with the aim of developing Gold Mining projects, trading of Gold.
Apart from Gold processing, the Company also deals with buying and selling of valuable Precious stones, Coloured stones, Diamonds and export them to different countries on buyer’s interest.
Our vision is the generation of wealth through responsible mining and trading—wealth for our owners, our people, and the countries and communities with which we partner.



VAT Leaching plant - Katoro

“We have acquired the land covering more than 20 acres with the intention of setting up Static VAT Leaching plant producing Raw Gold, at the site we have developed and implemented full-scale operations from fresh ore grinding, separation of free Gold through gravity concentration techniques and thus subjecting the tailings to VAT leaching process to produce Raw Gold. At our operations, we use environment-friendly chemicals like GDA- Gold Dressing Agent as a substitute to Sodium Cyanide.”


Refinery – (Available Now)

With all the immense support from the Government of Tanzania, we are further planning to install Refinery to support all the small-scale miners and mine owners to refine their Gold at our premises, substantially beneficial to all the miners by providing them cost-effective refining method to get their fine Gold with 999+ purity and also substitutes like Silver and PGM (Platinum Group Metals).

Laboratory (Coming soon)

As we see many people who tested their samples of ‘ore’ ‘tailings’ and ‘carbon’ are still not fully satisfied with correct accurate results thus the tolerance level of Gold content is sometimes very high or low thus affecting their productivity in businesses, so we have decided a solution for all the mine owners to setup Laboratory by giving them appropriate testing solution and also accurate results of their samples.
Bookings will be open once we update our status on our website.

Elution (coming soon)

Elution is a process of recovering Gold by Electrowinning process, In this process, after the VAT leaching, the clients bring their loaded carbon consisting of Gold. The loaded carbon is placed in the elution column mixed with water and some chemicals, electricity is passed through the column by heating making the Gold to desorb from the carbon thus dissolving with chemicals present in the solution mixture forming Gold solution, again the electric current is passed through cathode and anode allowing Gold to get Electroplated to the Cathode which is used as steel wire. After 24 hours the Cathode is taken out and subjected to Aqua-Regia digestion by separating Gold concentrates and other impurities. After smelting Gold concentrates Raw Gold is formed.
At our Elution Site, we are planning for 10 Elution columns, each column can load up to 500 kgs of carbon at high pressure with 24 hours cycle time, this can serve all the clients to get maximum recovery of Gold by satisfying their needs.
Bookings will be open once we update the status on our website.